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A place where you can have fun thinking deeply about all the big and beautiful questions of life complete with cutaways. Hosts Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson explore subjects of art, faith, philosophy, culture, and more with some of today’s leading and most influential minds and figures. So put your thinking caps and your laughing socks on and come on in!

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24 hours ago

It's our 200th episode! We bring both Nathans back together to discuss how you can make (and keep) friends as an adult.
Links for more info:,healthy%20in%20the%20long%20term. 

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Do miracles happen today? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson talk to Dr. Craig Keener, author of the book "Miracles Today", to discuss whether miracles are real and answer modern objections.
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Sunday Apr 07, 2024

So many creative people wrestle with whether to choose financial security, or their artistic dreams. But why should you have to choose? And how do you know what to choose? Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes discuss the trade-offs.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

A growing number of people in The West are abandoning church, reinventing church, and saying we need to come back to church. But what even is church? We discuss with Anglican minister Father Astor on our latest episode. 
Links to further resources:,MILLION%20between%202008%20and%202022.,42%20percent%20one%20year%20ago.

Is Reason or Faith Better?

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Should you live more by reason or by faith? Two overthinking Christians--Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes--give their answer. 
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Sunday Mar 17, 2024

Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson welcome author and law professor Dr. John Inazu to discuss his new book "Learning to Disagree: The Surprising Path to Navigating Differences with Empathy and Respect", and how we can learn to live and love across difference in a very divided time.
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Sunday Mar 10, 2024

How do the metaphors we use to describe ourselves and our world shape us--for good and ill? Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes bring back author Dr. Joy Clarkson to discuss the limits of how we describe ourselves in the modern world and what metaphors we should add to our vocabulary. 

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

Some filmmakers are claiming that blockbusters are dumbing down audiences so that they can't appreciate better, more challenging movies. But is that true? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson bring on film critic Jillian Schroeder to discuss on this latest episode.

Is It Okay To Be Single?

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Many single people find themselves ashamed of their singleness. But is being single always a bad thing? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson--a single and a married man--discuss.
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Sunday Feb 18, 2024

Everyone agrees that dating is more difficult and ever. So how do you find a spouse if you want one? Resident happily married couple Nathan and Keelia Clarkson tell their story to resident single Joseph Holmes and give great tips for all the singles out there on this latest episode.,survey%20by%20The%20Harris%20Poll.,at%20the%20University%20of%20Virginia.


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