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3 days ago

Nihilism is arguably the most influential philosophy today. But what is it? And what are its strengths and weaknesses? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson discuss.
Definition of nihilism:
History of nihilsim:
Dan Harmon on the meaning of life:
“"Do I agree with Rick that nothing means anything? No I do not," Harmon said. "Because the knowledge that nothing matters, while accurate, gets you nowhere. The planet is dying, the sun is exploding, the universe is cooling, nothing's gonna matter; the further back you pull the more that truth will endure. But when you zoom in on Earth, when you zoom in to a family, when you zoom into a human brain and a childhood and experience, you see all these things that matter."

Sunday Jun 09, 2024

Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes invite Producer and theologian Lou Giovino back on the show to discuss whether people are fundamentally good or evil, and what that means.Links to further resources below.
Pope Francis Interview:
Pope Francis Controversy:
Are we born evil or good controversy:
Richard Dawkins on awfulness of original sin:
Richard Trembly on violence of two-year-old males:
Psychology of serial killers:

Is Mental Illness a Myth?

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

Does mental illness not exist like some people suggest? Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes discuss why some people think mental illness is a myth and how to best love people in your life who struggle with mental health problems. 
Links to resources for further overthinking: (John McCarthur Story)
(Percentage of people struggling with mental illness.) (scuicide ideation remains same across religious and non, but not attempts)  (rates of mental illness between religious/non conservative/liberal) (OCD brain scans) (Vagus Nerve) (can you cure mental illness) (Christian mental illness help)

Sunday May 26, 2024

What is the right balance between self sacrifice and self care? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson discuss:
Links to further reading:

Sunday May 19, 2024

Why is the literary group started by CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien--The Inklings--still so popular to this day? Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes discuss with celebrated artist and author John Hendrix.

Sunday May 12, 2024

Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson talk to author and speaker Aimee Byrd about how a religious person can be hurt by their religious community and still retain their faith.
Link to Aimee's new book:
Links for further discussion from the episode:

Sunday May 05, 2024

Is it ever good to be patriotic? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson invite on Biblical Scholar, author, and podcast host, Dr. Preston Sprinkle to discuss when patriotism crosses the line into harm.

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes tackle the topic of celebrity crushes. Are they harmless? Or potentially bad for you?

Sunday Apr 21, 2024

It's our 200th episode! We bring both Nathans back together to discuss how you can make (and keep) friends as an adult.
Links for more info:,healthy%20in%20the%20long%20term. 

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Do miracles happen today? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson talk to Dr. Craig Keener, author of the book "Miracles Today", to discuss whether miracles are real and answer modern objections.
Link to more resources:


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