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A place where you can have fun thinking deeply about all the big and beautiful questions of life complete with cutaways. Hosts Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson explore subjects of art, faith, philosophy, culture, and more with some of today’s leading and most influential minds and figures. So put your thinking caps and your laughing socks on and come on in!

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Monday Feb 12, 2024

More people are dating outside their faith today and fewer people are dating outside their politics. Is this a good thing? What should be a deal breaker when it comes to beliefs? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson discuss.

Sunday Feb 04, 2024

As fewer people are getting married, many people are arguing that single people are happier than married people. But is that true? Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson interview sociologist and author Dr. Brad Wilcox on this deeply relevant topic. 

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Nathan Clarrkson and Joseph Holmes take on one of the most popular pieces of advice today and unpack whether it's actually good advice--and when.

What Is Art?

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

What is art and what is it for? And why does that question even matter? By request, Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson tackle with one of the most difficult questions yet.
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Sunday Jan 14, 2024

Who are the most iconic and influential people of the past 20 years? Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes put forward and explain the people who they think shaped the way we think about the world?

Sunday Jan 07, 2024

"Romanticize your life" is a social media trend that has swept the internet. But what does it mean? And is it problematic? Keelia Clarkson joins Nathan Clarkson and Joseph Holmes to discuss.

Monday Jan 01, 2024

Our culture constantly gives us mixed messages about whether we live our best life by dreaming big and chasing those dreams or by being content whatever our circumstances. So which is it? We discuss on our first episode of the new year!
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Sunday Dec 10, 2023

What is the true spirit of Christmas? How do we define it? We discuss this and more on 2023's annual Christmas episode.

Should We Be More Grateful?

Sunday Dec 03, 2023

Sunday Dec 03, 2023

Is gratitude important? Surprisingly that's a controversial question. But even if it is important, how does one practice it? Joseph and Nathan discuss.,pain%20and%20risk%20of%20disease.

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson invite on author and filmmaker Brock Heasley to discuss how to deal with suffering in a way that makes us better rather than worse. Along the way they discuss Brock Heasley's new faith-based sci-fi film "The Shift", and all three of our own journeys with profound suffering.


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A home for the creative intellectual who wants to have fun thinking deeply. Through interviews with influential and interesting guests; The Overthinkers ask the big and beautiful life-questions about faith, philosophy, art, culture, and humanity. Come and join the often deep and always hilarious conversation. 

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